The Owner’s Rep ensure the owner’s or tenant’s best interests are at the heart of every decision made. Owners/Tenants with limited knowledge of design, construction, phasing and relocation hire an Owner’s Rep to represent their interests and be the liaison between the broker, design team, landlords, contractors, and client vendors back to the owner.

Owner Representatives are usually charged to monitor (not manage): (1) the design development process to ensure project scope is achieved; (2) the overall project budget (including FFE and other non design/construction related costs); (3) the bidding process; (4) assist with jurisdictional reviews and project related mitigation issues; (5) construction related activities, including pay applications; (6) project close-out and occupancy; (7) move management and relocation. These are the main functions that I typically perform as an Owner’s Rep. There are certainly others; and depending on the size, complexity and experience of the owner, the role may vary. At Cultivo, we adapt and do what it takes to get the job done, ahead of schedule and below budget.