Mike Finley moved to the Santa Cruz mountains in 1991. He was the son of an HVAC foreman chasing his dreams of self-employment in a booming bedroom community for the Silicon Valley. With his father’s lack of working capital Mike found very early, “family business employment.” Mr. Finley acquired enough experience to get his contractor’s license at an uncommonly young age. In pursuit of prosperity Mr. Finley opened his own company only to see the decline of local construction in the wake of the fall of commerce and soon after the nations collapse of the stock market and subsequently housing markets.

While the federal propaganda and prohibition founded the fear of based indoor cultivation the local legalities and the lack of employment brought a new Renaissance to the prosperity of indoor cultivation and its medical benefits.  Mr. Finley’s struggling company, found themselves in an industry still black listed with social stigmas and relatively zero professional design or understanding.  With a firm understanding of Silicon Valley server rooms Mr. Finley took a clean room approach to indoor agriculture that set themselves apart from the competition. At first finding resistance and apprehension toward their unconventional designs they persevered and ultimately gained respect in their field with proofs of concept and sound logic. Since then the industry has made buzz words of their concepts. Mr. Finley’s ambition to create the best product has won his clientele multiple industry accolades and awards.

Mr. Finley began working with Autumn Karcey in 2011 and subsequently joined Cultivo’s team in 2015 focusing on area such as positive pressure, IAQ, incoming air conditioning and sanitization, CO2 enrichment, geographical climate loads, minimal air exchanges with a firm understanding and familiarity of conventional and cutting edge equipment and technologies our methods may seem counterintuitive but our logic is sound and proofed in practice.