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Autumn Karcey is the President of Cultivo, Inc., a design and engineering firm specializing in design and engineering for indoor and greenhouse facilities.

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Michael Gambino has over 12 years’ experience in consulting, construction, and oversight of large-scale cultivation facility build-outs. His passion for design and engineering combined with …

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Mike Finley moved to the Santa Cruz mountains in 1991. He was the son of an HVAC foreman chasing his dreams of self-employment in a booming bedroom community for the Silicon Valley. With his father’s lack of working capital Mike found very early, “family business employment.”

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Bert Stroud

Co-founder of the Viridis Group, LLC

Bert Stroud is a second generation HVAC contractor with 25 years of in the field industry experience. Working in the heart of silicon valley’s high tech industrial sector.

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Zachary Shafer began his career as a second generation Union Carpenter and worked his way up to Journeyman. With over twenty years’ combined experience in the field of specialized construction implementation.

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