Our custom designed environmental systems are a culmination of over a decade of R&D by our third generation designers. Our specialists are Mike Finley and Bertrand Stroud they have a background in designing the cleanrooms of Silicon Valley. They have combined these technologies along with cultivation methodologies to achieve optimal results. We environmentally strive to achieve an environment that is inhospitable to pests and pathogens, by design.

Our aim is to design the cleanest lab quality cultivation facilities for scientific research. We work closely with a group of over 30-research scientist to insure the quality of our designs and proof of concepts. Many cultivators who have implemented our designs have won awards. We are happy to help you with the following services.


1) Design layout of all environmental systems for all phases of plant cycle
2) Adapted clean room technologies
3) HVAC system and dehumidification w/ Controls and thermostats
4) Air circulation and filtration design
5) C02 design and calculations
6) Custom drying rooms
7) Climate controlled vault design